Goldfish Ulcers


Goldfish ulcers are open sores caused by any one of a range of goldfish illnesses. They are the result of infection of a wound caused by injury or parasites and brought on by poor water quality. Ulcers are usually caused by the aeromonas bacteria.

Goldfish suffering from ulcers have red or pink sores on their body, sometimes with a white centre. Sometimes other goldfish illnesses can appear at the same time, such as tail and fin rot.

Treatment of Goldfish Ulcers

When treating goldfish ulcers make sure that parasites such as anchor worm, chilodonella, costia, fish lice, goldfish ick or skin flukes are not present.

A vet may recommend a course of antibiotic injections, or remedies available from pet shops may successfully treat the goldfish ulcers. Goldfish ulcers can become infected with other bacteria or fungus.