Goldfish Tail and Fin Rot

tail and fin rot

Tail and fin rot is one of the goldfish illnesses caused by bacteria. Another type of fin rot is causes by a fungus infection.

Fin Rot Causes

The bacteria that causes tail and fin rot in goldfish is normally present in aquariums, but poor water quality, stress, injury or overcrowding can trigger most goldfish illnesses, and tail and fin rot is no exception.

If the pH, ammonia or nitrates are too high in the aquarium the goldfish's tail and fins can be eroded. This is a chemical rather than bacterial attack and is cured simply by returning the water to a high standard. This type of tail and fin rot appears as clean, rather than furry edges where eroded.

What does fin rot look like?

The symptoms of bacterial tail and fin rot in goldfish are obvious. The fins are frayed, with red streaks and pink edges.

In case of fungal fin rot, the fins are affected more evenly and usually have a white edge.

Fin Rot Treatment

Treatments are available at pet shops and veterinary clinics. It is important to deal with tail and fin rot because the affected area can become further infected with fungus and other harder to cure goldfish illnesses.

You should also do a water change and add aquarium salt.