Goldfish Ick

goldfish ick

Goldfish ick (also known as goldfish ich or white spot) is the shortened version of the scientific name of the parasite ichtyopthirius.

Parasitic goldfish diseases such as ick are usually always present in a tank or pond, but the usual causes - poor water quality, stress, recovering from another goldfish illness or injury - can increase the likelihood of such goldfish disease.

Of all the parasitic goldfish illnesses, ick is the most common and will have been encountered by anyone who has kept goldfish for any length of time.

Goldfish Ick Symptoms

  • Ick looks like salt has been sprinkled on the goldfish
  • The goldfish will also display signs of irritation such as rubbing against objects in the aquarium and flashing their silvery underparts, in common with other parasitic goldfish diseases
  • Other symptoms may include cloudy eye, rapid breathing, loss of appetite and ragged fins.

The Treatment of Fish Ick

Ick is a cause of extreme irritation to goldfish and if left untreated ick will kill goldfish. However, because it is so common there are plenty of remedies available at any good pet shop or veterinary surgery.

Besides chemical treatments, other remedies are heat treatment and salt.