Goldfish Flipover Disease

flipover disease

Flipover disease is a symptom of one or more goldfish diseases that affect buoyancy.

There may be a problem with:

  • The swim bladder
  • The intestinal tract
  • The mechanism for controlling gas pressure in the swim bladder
  • Organs in proximity to the swim bladder
  • Tumors and cysts in the abdomen

External causes can be:

  • Poor diet
  • poor water quality (particularly nitrate levels)

Flipover disease is easily recognizable, but symptoms can vary. The goldfish will either:

  • Not swim upright
  • Sink to the bottom
  • Float at the top of the aquarium/pond.

How to Treat Flipover Disease?

If flipover disease is caused by poor diet or water quality it can easily be treated by changing the diet or improving water quality. However, if it is caused by goldfish diseases that are particularly prevalent in fancy goldfish such as malformation, the only treatment available is surgery.