Transparent Goldfish

Japanese scientists created a transparent goldfish (besides a transparent frog). The goldfish’s scales are transparent, you can actually see its organs, muscles and even its beating heart. These “see-through” fish can reach the age of 20 and can have a size of about 10 inch and weigh about 5 pounds. Professor Masayuki Sumida from Hiroshima university explains the “Ryukin” fish was created by selecting and breeding.

Transparant goldfish are useful for scientific purposes, offering a realistic alternative for dissections.

Transparant goldfish

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7 Responses to “Transparent Goldfish”

  1. wai Says:

    this is cool but weird

  2. Emi,y Says:

    haha 🙂

  3. shinkio Says:

    i have this kind of goldfish i live in the philippines..but the type of my goldfish has a little black spots on the tail part ..its more opaque than this kind of fish.. i thought it was an albino but its not…their magnificent and cool creatures sociable and friendly..

  4. YS Says:

    awesome, but seriously weird
    where can u get one

  5. Nuu Says:


  6. hi Says:

    that fish is awsome

  7. Goldfish Care Says:

    That is quite scary looking with the big black eye. Could make a corny horror film on the SciFi channel. 🙂

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