The Fantail Goldfish

The fantail goldfish is a fancy goldfish, but it has more in common with non-fancy varieties.  It can survive and compete successfully alongside common, comet and shubunkin goldfish in ponds and aquariums.  It is also easy to breed, and an ideal fancy goldfish for beginners.

Fantails are more common in the far east than in Europe and North America, but they are becoming more popular due to their advantages over other fancy goldfish.

The body of a fantail is shorter and rounder than a common goldfish.  The tail and anal fins are split in two, with the tops of the tail fins closer together than the bottoms.  This gives the tail a triangle shape when viewed from the rear.

The most common colours for fantail goldfish are red and calico.

Not only can fantail goldfish tolerate low winter temperatures in ponds, they can swim fast enough to get their own share of the food when in the same water as fast goldfish.

Also, as they do not have head growths, eye bubbles or nasal growths, they are less prone to bacterial infection than other fancy goldfish.

However, in common with all goldfish that have mis-shapen bodies, they can suffer from swim bladder problems.

Overall, a nice addition to an aquarium that has room for an extra goldfish, without the hassle of making sure it is set up for fancy goldfish.

N.B. There are several goldfish varieties that are known as ‘fantail’ varieties, the bubble eye goldfish being one of them.  However the fantail goldfish discussed here is a variety in itself.  When used to describe a group of varieties, it refers to goldfish that have shorter bodies, short fins and a double forked tail.

12 Responses to “The Fantail Goldfish”

  1. Elizavena Says:

    I love this variety! Thank you for the article! I love your website and check it often.

  2. Jeffrey L. New Says:

    I have heard that fish can also get depressed,Is this true? Ihave seen that people feed the gold fish to paronas,I know in the ocean it is the cycle of life. In captivity it seems crule. Is this ok?

  3. Harry Says:

    I have just bought a fantail golfish and your information has helped keep it a happy fish! Is the depression rumour true?

  4. julie Says:

    i also have a fantail goldfish is it true they get depressed? also mine were gold with small pieces of black on their tails and as times gone on one has a completely gold tail is this normal?

  5. carla Says:

    i have 5 fantail goldfish, 4 of them are happily swimming around, but one of them seams depressed, and its tail curls inwards slightly. what can i do to help it?

  6. murtaza Says:

    one of my fish has a red mouth and face it is also slow what does that meen

  7. abbey Says:

    one of my gold fish had that do you know how to prevent it if you do that would be great so my other gold fish will not get it. thank you any way!!!!!! now i know what it is

  8. sarah Says:

    I have just lost my fantail fish, he started to swim on his side, can u tell me why this happens, as im not having much luck with my fish. The tank is clean, part changed water every so often and the filter is cleaned too. Also i only feed them once a day, am i doing this correct, or can u advise what other things i can do to prevent the other two fish i have left from going the same way.

    thank you

    sarah s

  9. hi Says:

    I never had that kind of fish

  10. karen Says:

    My fancy goldfish has died. It was floting on its side and couldn’t stay upright. its scales around his eyes was milky but he had bulging eyes anyway. I fed him every other day, changed his water once a week, put salt in water and balls to keep the water stable. What am I doing wrong? I have 2 other fish. Will they be infected? Help please.

  11. Luke Says:

    I am losing my fantail goldfish now and my 3 comets and my catfish are fine

    I feed them every day at 5:15PM
    I only got him 3 weeks ago at the Animal Tuckerbox
    I freed him from the water sucker in the filter today by turning the filter of and moving him with the net

    he hasnt been very well since we got him because he kept on swimming backwards and it isnt a swim bladder issue because he couldnt swin at all today

    Please help

  12. sapphire Says:

    I want to put live plants in my aquarium but im not sure which plants are best to be put in with my fantails… please help

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