The Comet Goldfish

The comet goldfish is an ideal tank-mate for common goldfish, adding a little bit of the exotic without the drawbacks of other fancy goldfish.

comet goldfish

The comet goldfish has been around for over 100 years and has a slender body just like the common goldfish. What sets it apart is the long, flowing, deeply forked, pointed tail. In the official standard used for judging goldfish, the tail must be greater than three-quarters of the body length. One other notable feature of the comet goldfish is the single anal fin.

The comet goldfish can be red, red/white, orange, yellow, white or calico (red, white, orange, brown) in colour.

It is a hardy goldfish, and has no problem surviving in a goldfish pond over Winter. As it has a slender body it can swim fast, and therefore gets to food quickly. For this reason it has no problems keeping up with common goldfish, but should not be kept with slower fancy goldfish as it will leave them with nothing to eat.

One other thing to note about the comet goldfish – it can grow over a foot (30cm) long, so make sure there is plenty of room.

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