The Black Moor Goldfish

The Black Moor is one of the most beautiful goldfish varieties. It has light wispy fins, black velvet scales, big round eyes, and a nicely proportioned body. Due to the fact it can’t swim fast, its smooth effortless movement is very relaxing to watch.

On top of all that it is relatively easy to keep and is a good goldfish to start with when moving towards fancy goldfish keeping.

a black moor goldfish

However, there are two major considerations when introducing a Black Moor to an aquarium.

Firstly, as already mentioned it can’t swim fast. This means it can’t dart up to the surface to hoover up flakes of food like more streamlined golfish varieties. Even if sinking food is used, a Black Moor will take its time getting to it. So try to avoid putting them in a tank with faster goldfish.

Secondly, their large eyes are a twofold problem. Not only will they have problems seeing floating food due to poor eyesight, their eyes are susceptible to damage in badly designed aquariums. If there are plants or ornaments that it can hit its eyes against, it will hit its eyes against them. Use soft and silky plants, avoiding plastic ones altogether. Keep ornaments to a minimum, definitely avoiding tunnels for it to swim through and ornaments with moving parts.

As with all goldfish, a Black Moor needs to be fed a healthy diet. Include sinking pellets, shrimp, bloodworms, daphnia, lettuce, spinach, peas and courgettes/zucchini. It is best to use frozen or freeze-dried shrimp, bloodworms and daphnia to help avoid parasitic infection that can come with live feed.

Follow these simple steps to enjoy the beauty and calm of Black Moor goldfish.

18 Responses to “The Black Moor Goldfish”

  1. katie Says:

    I love black moors. I have had a tone of goldfish in the past and this was one of my favorite breeds. (I have had tons)! Sadly mine died soon after I got it because of a diese:(.

  2. dude Says:

    can these be kept with orandas

  3. Rose Says:

    We had a black moor goldfish and it died overnight and when we saw it floating in the morning we saw it had turned gold. Do all black moor goldfish turn gold when they die, and why?

  4. Krazyk Says:

    I brought 2 black moors and 1 died afta a few days and now all my goldfish are dyin its only since i brought these fish i now no many people’s fish ave died since havin black moors

  5. Krazyk Says:

    Dude i recently read a comment sayin some1 and had orandas and when they brought black moors they all died frm goldfish ick diaese

  6. Woolgatherer Says:

    Before you decide to get a fish, do a LOT of research. Find out what kind of temperature level they like, what water qualities they do best in, what they eat, good tank mates (if any), and so on. And once you know, start an aquarium to have the biological filter going, and THEN get some fish.

  7. jolene Says:

    i have a black moor and soon after i brought it home he turned from black to white. the only black in him now are the tips of his fins. he now is super skinny and i think i can see thru his gills. does anyone know what this is and if it can be helped or prevented?

  8. cake Says:

    i like black moors..nice,easy going..i learned when i kept them with other goldfish has same eyes..worked alot better…..i did try baby commom goldfish,but when common got alot bigger..time to feed..the common push black moor to side eat all the food….

  9. vern Says:

    i had lost few black moors do to ick..i learn,,when i buy fish,it looks little sick,i treat fish in ten gallon for ten days…really help alot…plus not to over feed…

  10. cake Says:

    i leraned black well with goldfish,has same type of eyes…i tried a baby common goldfish,as common goldfish got bigger,,when it was feeding time.common would push black moor to the side,common eat all the foods….

  11. billy Says:

    i used keep alot of goldfish,until one disease out break(velvet) killed all the fish..i start tank back up,less goldfish,,help alot….

  12. space Says:

    goldfish has pretty color to look at,need no heater..they get sick easy,and messy too…i think i just fake fish for now on…….

  13. space Says:

    goldfish are pretty look at..all the pretty colors..they are messy,get sick easy..i think i will keep fake fish next time….

  14. Catherine Says:

    I have a really stupid black more that trys to swim up the hose when it has no current around it and managed to get stuck and now has a big ring on its side! does this every time I clean them out!!

  15. Kundan Says:

    I still have a black nd white mixed moor goldfish…it isnt tht cool as i had thought while i got it…but still it swims together with my other red zebra,goldfish,black angel fish,swipper fish and comet goldfish…

  16. Makk Says:

    I just got a Black Moor yesterday. So I decided to do some research. Now that I have read all the comments I have a tip for you. Black Moor’s stay in tanks with other fish. They do not like to be alone. I have found that Shubunkins are the best fish to tank them with. Both fish grow only to be 6″ long so they get along. My Black Moor is very playful and loves my bubling LED lights. Even though you have to take some safety procautions, Black Moor’s still enjoy having plants, bubbles, and such.

  17. Tay Says:

    OMG i just got a black moor earlier today and i love him!! hes soooo cute and will come right up to you!! he also likes playing with the fake fish on the bottom of the tank hahaha

  18. Kel Says:

    We’ve had our black moor for almost 4 years. Sadly, we just had an issue with his eye, but he’s been going strong for a long time…we have a regular Gold fish in the tank with him (the bigger variety of Goldfish) and they’ve been together the entire time!

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