Probably the Biggest Goldfish in the World

In the South of France, a fisher has caught an enormous goldfish.

The fish weighs about 14 kg, and is  probably the biggest goldfish in the world.  The fisher, named Raphael Biagini, needed about 10 minutes to get the goldfish ashore.  Before he started fishing that day, some colleague fishers told him there’s a giant goldfish in the pond and that they have been trying to catch him the last six years.

“We didn’t know what bit in our fishing line, but we knew it was big.  The fish was a good fighter, but not good enough…” says Biagini.  Luckily the 30-year old fisher from Montpelier released the fish after a photo session.

I guess this beautiful goldfish’s quiet life is over now everyone knows where he is at…


8 Responses to “Probably the Biggest Goldfish in the World”

  1. Nuu Says:

    I like fishes and this is one 🙂

  2. hi Says:

    is this real

  3. Chris Gore-Jones Says:

    Goldfish don’t have barbels!
    Looks like a koi, benigoi perhaps?

    Still, an impressive fish.

  4. megan washington Says:


  5. GoldfishScr Says:

    I’ve never seen the goldfish so big. What does it eat? How much?

  6. jamesridaus Says:

    looks 2 me a fully grown japanese coloured carp

  7. Rum Robinson Says:

    OMG! That fish is amazing!

  8. Jacob Says:

    This is a cool fish! I thought it wasn’t real!

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