Hollow Ornaments

Hollow pond or aquarium ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, from sunken ships, to model houses, chinese temples, slightly open treasure chests, divers helmets, artificial wood, rocky caves, fake skulls, sea shells, or purely decorative.  Unfortunately they are a bad idea.

The problem is that the water inside the ornament does not circulate.  This means it is low in oxygen and high in bacteria.  In other words it is stagnant, and the ornament has become a disease factory.

Bacteria escape and enter the main body of water, making fish sick and killing them.  Without knowing what is causing the problem, an otherwise diligent fishkeeper can end up very frustrated trying to find out the cause of the infections.

Thankfully there is an easy solution that doesn’t mean removing every hollow ornament.  The silicone sealant that is used to hold aquarium glass together can be injected into the eye sockets of a fake skull, the opening of a sea shell, the windows and doors on model houses, and so on.

This means that the ornaments are no longer hollow (even though they look it), and interesting or themed aquariums don’t need to lose their character to be safe for fish.

8 Responses to “Hollow Ornaments”

  1. Rainclaw Says:

    Wow,I did NOT know that,thank you!

  2. hi Says:

    i did not know that THANK YOU SO MUCH

  3. badkarma Says:

    I think you’ve helped me solve a very stinky problem!

  4. Saph Says:

    I wish I would have known this before now… I had three fantailed goldfish and they were very healthy. But over the past couple of days they all died one by one… it was so sudden. It was awful and nothing I did to try and save them made any difference…

    The thing is I had not long bought a hollow castle for them and they all used to swim through the arch in the centre… I was very upset when they died but I’m actually glad that I now know the cause of the problems they had. Thank you

  5. tina Says:

    Do you think that an upside down plastic planter, with “door” holes on the sides and the drainage holes on the top, could cause this problem too? It seems like a lot of water could circulate, but maybe not. We recently lost one of our 6 goldfish and I am trying to figure out what could have gone wrong. Thank you.

  6. John Says:

    Thanks man !

  7. Jade Says:

    I have a hollow ornament and my fish haven’t died. Is it because of my snails or something?

  8. Kayla Says:

    I recently learned this also….I have two rock caves in my aquarium…both hollow inside. I read that if I would take them out fill them with gravel and use a cd case with aquarium sealant to close the bottom off….making sure no water gets inside…:) So today I took out my caves and I am waiting for the inside to dry and then I can fill them with gravel and seal them off.

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