3 Things That Should Never Happen to a Goldfish

1. Made to live in a bowl

Almost everybody knows it, but plenty of people do it.  Goldfish that live in a bowl do not get enough oxygen, are exposed to disease, and usually die young.  If they are unlucky enough to survive into adulthood, they will be too big for the bowl and suffer from deformities.  It is cruel.  Don’t do it.

2. Put in a blender

A fairly old story, but nonetheless shocking.  An artist called Marco Evaristti had work displayed at an exhibition in the Trapholt Art Museum in Kolding, Denmark in 2003.  His artwork was a blender with 2 live goldfish in it, and an open invitation to anybody to turn the blender on.  Somebody did, liquidising the goldfish within a second.  Mercifully it was a quick death, but unnecessary, crass, attention-grabbing and cruel.

3. Sealed inside a novelty keyring

Street traders in Qingdao, China have been selling novelty plastic keyrings with a little bit of water and a goldfish inside.  The keyrings are made of transparent plastic with a picture of Huanhuan – an Olympic mascot – printed on it.  Needless to say each goldfish has little or no room to swim in, hardly any oxygen, and is destined to die of suffocation.

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  1. YS Says:

    i cant believe people have done that to a poor goldfish, especially the blender thing
    i come from china and am very ashamed of those who put fish in keyrings

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